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Hawker Bar has been on my to-eat list ever since it opened a few years ago because I’m a sucker for Malaysian/Singaporean food. However, I never was able to find time to trek all the way out to Ossington Strip before I left Toronto for Montréal. 

We ordered the chili salt tofu and curry puffs as appetizers. The tofu was a bit average, but the curry puffs (especially the dip) were spectacular. For our mains, we had Hainanese chicken rice (quite decent with large portions too), rendang curry (not spicy enough, a bit on the sweet side), chicken laksa lemak (not too bad, but the broth was not spicy nor full-bodied enough). Finally, we ended with pandan banana fritters with red bean ice cream as dessert (simply heavenly). Not a bad experience overall and worth the 40-minute walk from the downtown core. 

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Shana had a BBQ potluck party for her going-away gathering. There was a good spread of salads, casserole, ribs, and delicious bacon-wrapped sausages. Best of luck with your new job in Boston, Shana!

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In a side-street off Koreatown in Toronto is Rakia Bar, a Serbian bar that serves Balkan cuisine and fruit brandy. Lead by my Serbian friend Mario, we pigged out on calamari, Black George schnitzel, chevapi, and croquettes while sipping different types of rakia. Ziveli!

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Being the first summer I’ve spent in Toronto since 2010, I took the opportunity to go to the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) with my parents. The CNE has always been famous for its outrageous food items and we tried Fran’s Thanksgiving waffles (cranberry stuffing waffles with turkey all drenched in gravy), and Bacon Nation’s bacon-wrapped coca-cola chicken sandwich. Surprisingly, the waffles were quite good, but I would stay away from the coca-cola chicken in the future. Regardless, I think I had too many calories in that one sitting…

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The parental units and I went to Lai Wah Heen (麗華軒) located inside the Hilton DoubleTree Hotel in Downtown Toronto for some more dimsum exploration. We tried:

  • Fresh maitake mushrooms & vegetable medley in rice roll served with sweet soy sauce (舞茸菰素腸粉)
  • Deep-fried sweet yam wedges flavoured with salty egg yolk (金沙爆地瓜)
  • Wok-fried diced turnip cake with premium soy sauce (乾炒頭抽蘿蔔糕)
  • Stir-fried glutinous rice with sun-dried baby shrimp (生炒糯米飯)
  • Crispy shrimp rolls served with a sweet hawthorn sauce (山楂糖醋蝦卷)
  • Steamed dumpling of minced chicken & truffle (松露雞茸餃)
  • Deep-fried pastry stuffed with milk custard & papaya (鮮奶木瓜酥餅)

The food and service was excellent, but the price point is much too high for regular patronage. This is to be expected due to the restaurant’s affiliation with a hotel. I would recommend it as a splurge or a business lunch when the company or boss is footing the bill.

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I met up with Ryan and Joann for dinner at Guu Izakaya, sort of like the old times if you consider Joann as a stand-in for her twin Leann. We were seated out in the terrace (or “patio” as my fellow Torontonians reminded me) enjoying quality authentic Japanese food, including: salmon natto yakke (I always like food where you get to wrap stuff yourself, but the natto gave me terrible halitosis), kara-age, kabocha korokke (always fun to have a knife sticking out of your food), buta kimchi bibimbap (technically not Japanese, but I’ll make an exception), curry gyutan, and kaisen don.

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Pai is a Northern Thai restaurant that just recently opened in the Entertainment District, and it’s so good that I’ve been there three times already. The staff are very kind, and the food is amazing, especially their mango sticky rice! Thai food in general is a cuisine that Toronto does very well in, and Pai will surely be a force to be reckoned with here!

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After finalizing my move from Montréal back to Toronto, I’ll be able to explore more food around the Toronto area. Michael, Shana, and Jordan welcomed me back with dinner at The Queen and Beaver Public House on Elm Street for some traditional British food. I finally got to try Scotch eggs, and loved them!

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It’s my Dad’s birthday and he wanted a proper multi-course French meal. My family went to Le Quartier Général at the suggestion of my friend Kathy. Our maître d’hôtel was very thorough with his explanations of the menu.

First course: Salad of the day, nice and fresh.

Second course: For appetizers, we tried caille ferme besnier (quail cooked two ways), fleur de courgette (fried zucchini and squash flowers), and tartare de boeuf

Third course: For our main courses, we had côte de veau de la plaine (veal chop), canard de carignan (duck breast with green pea purée), and omble de Gaspésie (Gaspé trout).

Fourth course: For desserts, we ordered the crumble aux pommes (more like deconstructed apple crumble with maple ice cream), and the ever classic crème brûlée.

Excellent service and food, I would highly recommend this restaurant!

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I took my parents to Le Croissanterie Figaro in Outremont to let them try eating dinner on a terrase. Coincidentally, we all ordered the daily special: salmon with vegetables and mashed potatoes. 

I took my parents to Le Croissanterie Figaro in Outremont to let them try eating dinner on a terrase. Coincidentally, we all ordered the daily special: salmon with vegetables and mashed potatoes. 

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