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We were walking down Ossington back towards Downtown when Chetna and I happened upon the smell of freshly baked cookies from an unseeming storefront. We walked into Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery and couldn’t resist getting their ambrosial baked goods and ice cream served in a Hong Kong-style egg waffle (also known as 雞蛋仔)!

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Chetna asked if I wanted Vietnamese food for dinner. We decided to trek to the Ossington Strip to try one of Toronto’s alledgedly best pho restaurants - Pho Rua Vang Golden Turtle Restaurant. Their pho is quite aromatic, but it’s taste is still not up to Pho Lien standard in Montréal. 

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Dinner with family friends at Dayali Restaurant (大鴨梨) in Richmond Hill, a new restaurant chain in the Greater Toronto Area suburbs that has become quite popular as of late. We tried almost all of their signature dishes: breaded Dayali pear-shaped pastry dessert, Peking duck, handmade glass noodles in soup broth, pumpkin fries in duck egg yolk batter, steamed glutinous rice-stuffed lotus root, braised pork with steamed buns, silky tofu with brown sauce, aspic meat jelly cubes. Most dishes were quite mediocre, I don’t really under all the hoopla. I think I’ll stick with Asian Legend.

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Manpuku (まんぷく) is an unassuming authentic Japanese eatery tucked secretly inside Village by the Grange. Its name is actually a pun for “full stomach” (満腹) and “all health & happiness” (万福). I tried their famous takosen (たこせん), which are octopus balls served on a rice cracker; and yakitori-don (焼き鳥丼). It was as if I had been transported to Japan for dinner. Make no mistake, this restaurant is one of Toronto’s best kept secrets. 

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I was supposed to be at graduate school orientation, but I decided to skip that and have brunch with my mother instead at a nearby Eggsmart. Nothing too fancy, just your regular pancakes and omelette.

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"If you can kill it, we can grill it." - What an interesting slogan for Electric Mud BBQ. A bunch of friends and I decided to meet up at this popular eatery in Parkdale before grad school started up for some of us. We tried their pork rinds, squid po-boy, coleslaw, potato salad, fried chicken with cider syrup, cowboy beef rib, and pork side ribs. Everything was prepared to perfection and incredibly tasty. Definitely a good way to end the summer break.

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I trekked all the way up to Richmond Hill for a reunion dinner with Ryan and Leann at Sushi Haru. Their rolls were amazing with so many interesting varieties.  

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Brunch is a religion in Toronto, and one of the most celebrated places of worship downtown must be Aunties and Uncles. My friends ordered the grilled brie with pear chutney and walnuts on challah, and their famous breakfast pocket (scrambled eggs, peameal bacon, cheddar, tomatoes, caramelized onions, dijon, and aioli on focaccia). Simply delectable, I should make my pilgrimage to here on a more regular basis.

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I went uptown to visit Michael and we went to the nearby Nomé Izakaya for dinner. We tried ユッケ (Korean-style beef sashimi tartare), かきのクリームソースやき (kakimayo), 揚げチャーシューの海苔ソース掛け (deep fried pork belly), 鳥のから揚げ (kara-age), たこ焼き (takoyaki), 炙りサーモン (aburi salmon).

The problem with going to izakayas in Toronto is that one will inevitably compare them to Guu. So far, no one even comes close to Guu and Nomé is no exception. “It wasn’t terrible” is probably the best way to describe this experience.

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Hawker Bar has been on my to-eat list ever since it opened a few years ago because I’m a sucker for Malaysian/Singaporean food. However, I never was able to find time to trek all the way out to Ossington Strip before I left Toronto for Montréal. 

We ordered the chili salt tofu and curry puffs as appetizers. The tofu was a bit average, but the curry puffs (especially the dip) were spectacular. For our mains, we had Hainanese chicken rice (quite decent with large portions too), rendang curry (not spicy enough, a bit on the sweet side), chicken laksa lemak (not too bad, but the broth was not spicy nor full-bodied enough). Finally, we ended with pandan banana fritters with red bean ice cream as dessert (simply heavenly). Not a bad experience overall and worth the 40-minute walk from the downtown core. 

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